We give students a pathway to vocational jobs, higher education and worker retraining.

We provide a free curriculum, teacher training and student training

We have a selection affordable vehicle kits that are returned to kit form after each class

We make the Engineering side of STEM understandable and provide instruction for teachers on how to learn and teach the program. It can be self-taught for experienced robotics teachers

We provide instruction for one or two classes per day for a total of up to 42 students in 1, 2 or 3 hour classes. Teacher training 6 or 12 hours. These can be weekday, after-school or weekend.

Create excitement in Math, Science, Technology and Engineering.   Keep kids in school with interesting projects.    

Teams of 2- 4 students build ground, air and undersea vehicles kits and learn to modify computer programs for vehicle and sensor control.

These skills relevant to all mechatronics (electro-mechanical computer control)


15-hour STEM Camp Agenda

Lesson 1: Introduction and Basic Electricity and building electronic breadboards

Lesson 2: Learn about the Arduino or Raspberry Pi computers and programming.

Assemble breadboard circuits and modify C++ or Python programs

Lesson 3: Assemble the Racecar with computer, sensors and LEDs, power and switching

Lesson 4: Program the Racecar, compete in drag race and control vehicles & LEDs with joystick

Lesson 5: Learn about and operate Air, Ground and Undersea Vehicles