Professional Development

Teachers, parents, or student mentors might need assistance with the science and hands-on aspects of building robots.
That is why PORPOISE has Train-The-Trainer sessions. 
Watch a two day teacher training at UC San Marcos: PORPOISE Teacher Training: 2 day session.
PORPOISE provides three options for robotics training:

1: PORPOISE two-day sessions teach the basics of mechatronics and robotics. Participants use the first five units of the PORPOISE curriculum, build the LandShark Autonomous Ground Robot, learn the math and science principles behind robotics, and do basic Arduino C++ coding.  This is excellent for teachers and parents who are starting a PORPOISE class or after school club.  Fees quoted upon request.

2: PORPOISE four day sessions teach the entire PORPOISE first semester. Teachers become familiar with robotics and mechatronics including the applied usage of Ohms law, parallel and serial circuits, the use of breadboards, ultrasonic sensors, effectors, motors, the Arduino Microprocessor, and basic C++ coding.  Teachers build the LandShark Autonomous Ground Robot, install the Arduino Integrated Development Environment on computers, and then modify as well as write C++ programs to drive their LandSharks. A fifth practice day can also be included.  Trainings encompass groups up to 10 participants.  Fees quoted upon request.

3. PORPOISE four day session for Semester Two. Teachers continue the learning process and concentrate on the principles of Systems Engineering as used in commercial robotics development. Teachers continue with their previously build LandSharks, and go through the systems engineering process to design and build a nautical robotic boat or submarine. A fifth practice day can be included.  Fees quoted upon request.

PORPOISE trainings give teachers and parents an understanding and comfort level to teach robotics/mechatronics and Systems Engineering to their students, or work alongside their kids in home school and club environments.

Example of PORPOISE Robotics two-day training schedule.

Day 1 

8:00 –  Introductions
8:30 –  Introduction to Mechatronics
9:00 –  Ohm’s Law, series/parallel circuits
9:30 –  Breadboards, schematics
10:00 – Building and measuring circuits
10:30 –  Introduction to Arduino, C++ structure
11:00 –  The Blink Sketch and building the circuit
11:30 –  Pulse Width Modulation
12:00 –  Lunch 
12:30 –  Buttons, switches
1:00 –  Potentiometers
1:30 – Servo Motors
2:00 –  Range Finder
2:30 –  Questions, feedback and suggestions
3:00 – Adjourn

Day 2
8:30 –  Land Shark Assembly, review parts and construction
9:00 –  Wiring the Land Shark, schematic and block diagram
10:00 –  Motor Control Test Sketch and troubleshooting the Land Shark
11:00 – Land Shark Turn Signals and Range Check, Right turn
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Land Shark Turn Signals and Range Check, Right/Left turn
1:00 – Land Shark Turn Signals and Range Check, Range Finder
2:00 –  Land Shark Speed Measurement
2:30 –  Semester 1 remaining topics and Semester 2 Overview
3:00 –  Feedback and evaluation forms
3:30 –  Adjourn