Student Classes & Navy Career Days

Click the center video to see PORPOISE students engage engineering principals to design nautical robots and utilize C++ code to create autonomous vehicles.  NAVY CAREER DAYS: (Link further down the page.)  35 students, teachers & parents participated in a four-day U.S. Navy engineering immersion program. 

This music video written and produced by Dr. Culhane, David Grober and students, was created at LA inner city school, Jefferson High. It reviews that humans may have come from marine mammals, and that Porpoise, Dolphins and Whales may be our ancestors.

This music video, written by PORPOISE co-creator Dr. Thomas Henry Culhane, with the assistance of PORPOISE students, shows how the Arduino microporcessor and its C++ coding benefits us all.

PORPOISE students engage in daily classes, learning hands-on design skills as well as the Arduino microprocessor and C++ coding skills. 


NAVY CAREER DAYS:  PORPOISE Robotics believes students should be exposed to real world engineering.  PORPOISE sponsored a four day Naval Careers program.  35 students, teachers and parents toured an active aircraft carrier, a nuclear submarine, and received lectures from Navy engineers. PORPOISE students met with trainers from the Navy’s Marine Mammal Center, Navy Divers involved in ship engineering and salvage, learned about fascinating careers from the  Science Advisor to 3rd fleet, as well as the SEALs, and heard from the program manager of the Pentagon’s Joint Robotics Program.  

For Marine Science, students explored the tidal and salt marsh areas at San Dieguito Sanctuary lead by Scripps’ students, and visited Scripps Institute of Oceanography, touring research vessels including the famous “FLIP” which goes vertical and has an interior resembling an Escher painting. When it comes to naval engineering, PORPOISE students experience it first hand.

Nuclear Submarine and Scripps Institute of Oceanography Tour.


Scripps-Tidal Exploration. Navy SEALs & 3rd Fleet Tech lectures. Pentagon Robotics Program.


Navy SPAWAR engineering lab, Marine Mammals, Navy Divers, Hands-on robot time.



PORPOISE students also toured the SPACEX rocket manufacturing facility in Hawthorne, Ca.


















PORPOISE Robotics sets up engineering tours with the Navy, commercial, or private engineering facilities.  Contact us.